GES Fittings Benefits:

  • All GES geothermal fittings are manufactured from PE100/PE4710 resin. PE100/PE4710 (the highest current HDPE ratings) are compatible with PE3408, PE3608, PE100, and PE4710 pipe, all of which are currently used in geothermal heat pump jobs, and therefore is suitable for any geothermal installation.
  • Each GES fitting has the material, date of manufacture, SKU #, and relevant ASTM marking printed directly on the fitting, rather than applying a sticker post-production.
  • GES molds a texture onto the surface of each fitting to provide friction for a better grip while fusing in the field.
  • The texture on all GES fittings gives the surface of the product a uniform, consistent look, erasing the non-uniform swirl inherent in all other injection molded HDPE and particularly PE100.